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Windows 8 RTM Part III – The Windows Spin on Social

Windows 8's new interface lets social butterflies fly high Read More »

Windows 8 RTM Part II – Now with Notes of MacOS and Linux

Part II of a series - File History and Windows to Go features. Read More »

Windows 8 RTM Part I – Initial Impressions

Initial impressions with the final release of Windows 8 - Part I of a series Read More »

The “Epic Hack” of Wired’s Mat Honan – Social Engineering at Work

Wired Magazine's Mat Honan publicly falls victim to social engineering hacktivism, and documents his story Read More »

System Administrator Appreciation Day

The importance of System Administrators' Appreciation Day to the techs in your lives Read More »

DNS Changer Malware and the FBI’s July 9th Deadline: What It Is and What You Should Know

July 9th can be an internet shutdown for some thanks to the havoc caused by DNS Changer Read More »

Diablo III and “Always On” DRM

Diablo's "always on" DRM locks out single player campaigns, to the dismay of many. Read More »

Microsoft’s New Mobile Phone-Style Xbox Live Contracts No Longer a Rumor

Microsoft's new Xbox LIVE contract system has low cost of entry but skims more cash in the long run. Read More »

Useless Patent Wars – Motorola Awarded Unenforceable Injunction against Microsoft

Motorola Mobility awarded injunction against Xbox 360 and Windows 7 in Germany, unable to enforce it Read More »

Capcom Producer Admonishes Street Fighter x Tekken Players for Hacking On-Disc DLC

A Capcom producer is upset over players hacking SFxT on-disc DLC, a problem they themselves created. Read More »