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Sex After A Hysterectomy

Can total hysterectomy kill the joy of sex? Maybe, maybe not. Read More »

Hollywood Doesn’t Have An Original Idea In Its Pointy Little Head

Remakes! Remakes! Remakes! PLEASE, give me an original, good movie! Read More »

Sex Predictions For 2006

Daunting times ahead for all thing sexual in 2006. Read More »

Hot Screeching Monkey Sex

Now that I have your attention with that headline… A researcher has found that hot sex can cure the common cold. [via BlondeSense.] The researcher is Swiss. Here’s the dirt: Swiss scientist Manfred Schedlovski claims his experiments show that regular love-making increases the amount of phagocyte cells, which boost the body’s immune system and fight the microbes that cause colds. ... Read More »

Pfizer Global Study Of Sexual Attitudes And Behaviors

Pfizer studies global sexual attitudes in an interesting study. Read More »

Birth Rates In Japan Falling

It should be no surprise to anyone that birth rates are falling in Japan. Read More »

Pre-Trib Porn And Left Behind

Left Behind is "pre-trib porn" for the fundy masses. Read More »

Thanksgiving – Don’t Let The Turkeys Get You Down

Thanksgiving is the season for stuffing turkey bones and lobster down the drain. Don't invite Roto Rooter to your house! Read More »

Making Money “Curing” Homosexuals

Some "professional" therapists are profiting by convincing gays that they can turn heterosexual. What a racket. Read More »

Teeny Handbags – Tools For The Patriarchy

Considering all that swag too many women carry around, why on earth would they use a purse the size of a candy box? Read More »