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Almost weekly, Triniman catches new movies, and adds one or two CDs to his collection. Due to time constraints, he blogs about only 5% of the CDs, books and DVDs that he purchases. Holed up in the geographic centre of North America, the cultural mecca of Canada, and the sunniest city north of the 49th, Winnipeg, Triniman blogs a bit when he's not swatting mosquitoes, shoveling snow or golfing.

Hero film review

Hero 3/5 Jet Li plays a famed swordsman who apparently kills off three deadly assassins who were trying to kill the king of Qi, one of seven territories in ancient China. The swordsman is granted a private audience with the king where he recounts his story. This subtitled film is mostly told in flashbacks. Like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero ... Read More »

Festival Express

Festival Express 3/5 This is a slightly long look at the 1970 train tour across Canada with the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Buddy Guy, The Band and a few others. Stops in Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Calgary are documented with stadium shows that were met with much protest. Tickets were $14 for over 14 bands, but there was a groundswell ... Read More »

Exorcist: The Beginning

Exorcist: The Beginning 4/5 A Christian church is discovered buried in Africa, about 1000 years before Christianity was supposed to have appeared in the area and it’s in pristine shape. On the inside are grisly images of the devil, suggesting that this is no ordinary church. The locals are terrified of the effort to unearth the church as some of ... Read More »

review: Alien Vs. Predator

Take two well-known sci-fi franchises and merge them into a film in such a way that you can be assured of a huge audience, but also, that the sum is greater than the parts. Or as great. This film isn’t it. Alien Vs. Predator is a cold, calculated “product” that is too contrived and formulaic to provide much intrigue or ... Read More »

“40 Days”, the debut CD by The Wailin’ Jennys

Here are my thoughts about “40 Days“, the debut CD by The Wailin’ Jennys, a teriffic group from Winnipeg, Manitoba. One Voice. One my relatives who heard the this track as her first Jennys tune, was immediately struck by the beautiful vocals. It certainly makes for a good show opener. Saucy Sailor is immediately appealing. The song hooked me totally ... Read More »


Spartan 5/5 This is an extraordinary, taut, political espionage thriller. It kept me guessing and totally involved. Val Kilmer plays a special ops trainer called in to recover the kidnapped daughter of the President. Her captors just see her as a beautiful blonde and don’t know who she is. She’s one of the many blondes kidnapped and brought to the ... Read More »


Collateral 4/5 The premise sounds pretty dull, doesn’t it? Tom Cruise plays a hit man who coerces a cab driver to drive him around LA to knock off five people. Jamie Foxx portrays the reluctant cab driver. Director Michael Mann proves that a compelling drama doesn’t require an excess in plot, car chases or violence or humour. Much of the ... Read More »

The Manchurian Candidate

This film doesn’t top the 1962 original, however, it stands on its own as an exciting political conspiracy thriller. Denzel Washington plays a psychologically troubled 1991 Gulf War veteran. One evening, his platoon was ambushed, resulting in a firefight. Knocked unconscious, he still has a vivid memory of what happened. One of his troops, Sgt Raymond Shaw, ends up performing ... Read More »