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Almost weekly, Triniman catches new movies, and adds one or two CDs to his collection. Due to time constraints, he blogs about only 5% of the CDs, books and DVDs that he purchases. Holed up in the geographic centre of North America, the cultural mecca of Canada, and the sunniest city north of the 49th, Winnipeg, Triniman blogs a bit when he's not swatting mosquitoes, shoveling snow or golfing.


The term “musical genius” is casually thrown around far too often these days. However, few would dispute that Frank Zappa is richly deserving of such a title. This is a new offering from the Zappa camp, which is billed in the liner notes as “…an audio documentary of Frank Zappa’s multichannel recordings and mixes from 1970 to 1978,” according to ... Read More »

film What The Bleep Do We Know!?

What The Bleep Do We Know!? 1/5 This is a pseudo-science spirituality film for the masses. There is a small drama with Marlee Matlin (Children of A Lesso God)playing the role of a divorced photographer sent on assignment to a wedding in the same church where she was married. She hates weddings due to the breakup of her marriage by ... Read More »

film Criminal

Criminal 3/5 This film is a remake of the 2002 film Nine Queens by Argentinean director Fabian Bielinsky and it is similar to the 2003 Ridley Scott film, Matchstick Men. John C. Reilly (Chicago, Gangs of New York, The Aviator) plays a conman who chances upon a young conman in a hotel casino. Under the guise of being a police ... Read More »

Longwave – Life of the Party EP

Longwave are a New York rock’n’roll band with who could be described as sounding like contemporaries of The Strokes, The Doves and The White Stripes, to name few. Far from having a one-dimensional sound, Longwave encompass garage rock, melodic symphonic pop elements, acoustic guitar and spacey-ambience throughout this enjoyable EP. Longwave don’t have a unique, identifiable sound. Vocalist Steve Schlitz ... Read More »

The Motorcycle Diaries

Two twenty-something men from Argentina, one a biochemist, the other a medical student close to graduation, set fourth one a cross-continent journey of South America aboard a 1939 motorcycle. Along the way, their eyes are opened to the changing landscape and particularly to the people they encounter, many of whom are poor and in dire circumstances. These encounters end up ... Read More »

The Forgotten

The X-Files tv show dragged on too long before ending. This film is directed at those who just can’t get enough of conspiracies. Julianne Moore plays a mother and wife who discovers that all references to her child, are gone. Her child was apparently one of 6 children who died in a small plane crash 14 months before. She appears ... Read More »

Terabyte Optical Storage Disks the Size of a DVD

Terabyte Optical Storage Disks the Size of a DVD Just yesterday, a friend and I were talking about what the replacement for the DVD would be like. I was surprised to read about this possible new replacement in the Winnipeg Free Press. This website outlines the new technology, Multiplexed Optical Data Storage (MODS), in greater detail. “September 26, 2004 Physicists ... Read More »

IT Ethics Handbook: Right and Wrong for IT Professionals

IT Ethics Handbook: Right and Wrong for IT Professionals by Stephen Northcutt, Cynthia Madden. Syngress Publishing Inc. IT professionals, be they employees, consultants or management, face ethical dilemmas all the time. Every IT professional will recognize situations in this book that they have found themselves in. The IT Ethics Handbook: Right and Wrong for IT Professionals, is broken down into ... Read More »

new Judas Priest album 28 December, 2004

Judas Priest recently announced that they will be releasing their new, unnamed album, with limited edition DVD, on the Tuesday, the 28th of December, 2004, on Sony Music (Epic in the US.) The limited edition bonus DVD will feature footage from their June, 2004 Barcelona and Valencia, Spain shows. Packaging bonus DVDs is a trend that I like a lot ... Read More »

film: Cellular

Cellular 3/5 Thugs break into an upscale-looking home, shoot the housekeeper and kidnap the wife (Jessica Martin – Kim Basinger.) They steal the family’s Porsche SUV and stash her away in the attic of a safehouse as a prisoner. One of the thugs, played by Jason Stratham (The Transporter), smashes the attic telephone with a sledgehammer, narrowly missing Jessica Martin’s ... Read More »