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Almost weekly, Triniman catches new movies, and adds one or two CDs to his collection. Due to time constraints, he blogs about only 5% of the CDs, books and DVDs that he purchases. Holed up in the geographic centre of North America, the cultural mecca of Canada, and the sunniest city north of the 49th, Winnipeg, Triniman blogs a bit when he's not swatting mosquitoes, shoveling snow or golfing.

review – Guess Who

There is too much unnecessary dialogue and too much lowest common denominator humour to give this picture anything other than an artificial heart. Read More »

The Weekly Music Magazine CD Sampler Review

Every month, I read many music magazines. Several of them have sampler CDs that have both known and lesser-known artists. There’s nothing like the sense of discovery you feel when you stumble across a great song, for the first time. This column covers my sense of discovery of the tracks that made a strong impression on me. Read More »

film – Bad Education

This is a refreshing, “story within a story” film that is compelling to watch, even with the sub-titles. It features a knock out performance by Gael Garcia Bernal, last seen in The Motorcycle Diaries as Ernesto Guevara. Read More »

film – Persons of Interest

Several Arab Americans, some full citizens, some not, tell their stories about how they were picked up by the police, questioned and thrown into detention, sometimes for over a year. Read More »

film – Tarnation

The naked honesty in this film is stunning. It’s all captured here, warts and all, allegations and denials, the ugliness and the unconditional love. Read More »


Robots 3/5 Robots is the latest animated feature film aimed at a broad audience. It ends up being a worthwhile watch, but falls short of being incredible. Pun intended. Our hero is Rodney (voiced by Ewen McGregor), a fresh high school graduate who gets into trouble while helping Dad at his restaurant job as a dishwasher. Rodney invents Wonderbot, a ... Read More »

film: Hostage

Remember the first Die Hard film that catapulted Bruce Willis to stardom 17 years ago? Don’t believe the hype that Hostage even begins to compare to it. Read More »

SXSW 2005 March 11 – 20 Austin, TX

The annual SXSW is taking place March 11 – 20, 2005 and features a film component in the first week and a music component the second week, featuring performances by a whopping 1300 bands!! For those of us who can’t make it, hundreds of the bands have provided MP3s that you can download. Peruse the first day’s schedule of performers ... Read More »