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Almost weekly, Triniman catches new movies, and adds one or two CDs to his collection. Due to time constraints, he blogs about only 5% of the CDs, books and DVDs that he purchases. Holed up in the geographic centre of North America, the cultural mecca of Canada, and the sunniest city north of the 49th, Winnipeg, Triniman blogs a bit when he's not swatting mosquitoes, shoveling snow or golfing.

Movie Review: Mission: Impossible III

High-octane blockbuster strong on action, short on script. Tom Cruise plays the role like he owns it. Read More »

Movie Review: United 93

United 93 refreshingly lacks Hollywood slickness and re-opens emotional wounds. For those who are ready, this is a superb film. Read More »

DVD Review: Metal – A Headbanger’s Journey

Intelligent and interesting, but not as scholarly as you might have expected. Will appeal to every metal fan. Read More »

Movie Review: The Sentinel

Far-fetched. With co-star Keifer Sutherland, rides the coattails of 24 for a few minutes and then disgraces itself in comparison. Read More »

Free Download of Open Source Software CD-ROM for Windows

Download this free CD-ROM image of open source software for Windows. Read More »

Movie Review: Basic Instinct 2

Inferior sequel with plenty of stupid dialogue rests too heavily on the star's sex appeal. Read More »

Movie Review – The World’s Fastest Indian

Another solid, low-budget film strong on acting with a compelling, uplifting true story. Hollywood, take note. Read More »

Movie Review – Inside Man

Inside Man tries to be a clever thriller but despite its admirable intelligence, it lacks in the thriller dept. Read More »

Movie Review: Tsotsi

Fresh from an Oscar win for best foreign film, Tsotsi is a gritty film about compassion and redemption. Read More »

CD Review: Sonny Rollins – Without a Song (The 9/11 Concert)

This Grammy award-winning live album was recorded just days after Rollins witnessed the 9/11 attack, six blocks from Ground Zero. Read More »