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American Exceptionalism vs. American Action

A very interesting article today mentions the fact that many Americans think our country is more generous than it tends to be in actuality. Read More »

Memory of the Camps

Tonight I watched possibly the most powerful film I’ve ever laid eyes on. It was a rebroadcast of an incomplete film produced by British and American filmmakers – including Alfred Hitchcock – about the atrocities that took place in Nazi concentration camps. Sixty years ago, in the spring of 1945, Allied forces liberating Europe found evidence of atrocities which have ... Read More »

UK Elections, American Reflections

Between the UK's strangely legitimate debates and town hall meetings and the fact that our turnout high is their turnout low, well I feel a bit frustrated. Read More »

Bush Chooses Wolfowitz for World Bank

By naming Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz as his choice to head the World Bank, Bush is asking for a public, international fight between his administration and other World Bank members. Read More »

Lebanese Idol

It appears as if the future of Lebanon's government is in the hands the people. And I'm not talking about democratic elections, I'm talking about American Idol-style popularity. Read More »

College Spain Abroad Program Canceled

A study-abroad program to Spain was canceled due to the country's troop withdrawal from Iraq. Read More »

Syria Nuke Comment a Joke

I know that at my church we always talk about dropping nukes on people -- even on entire nations -- but it's always in jest. Read More »

Battlestar Galactica

This re-imagined version of the show is clearly informed by our current post-9/11 cultural climate. Read More »

Spitzer On Social Security Privatization

The most pointed reason to avoid privatization is the fact that the stock market just isn't safe enough. Read More »

America’s Robot Army?

With the wars in the Middle East the government has asked precious little of American civilians. The only price being paid by this country is in American lives. Read More »