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Tommy Mack began his career in broadcasting and is a US Army graduate of the Defense Information School. He worked in Army Public and Command Information and earned a BS in Liberal Studies from the State University of New York, Albany. A marketing communications executive, Tommy became a business management consultant for a major international consulting company and its affiliates before establishing Tommy Mack Organization, a business consulting practice specializing in organization and communications management. A professional writer and blogger, he writes about politics, business, and culture.

The Fair Tax: One More Time

Politicians like to drag out the tax code and beat it like a populist’s piñata. It worked for President Obama. Read More »

Are Their Lips Moving?

The worst part of this bitter truth is not the distortions of fact but the lies that clients tell themselves. Read More »

Arch Enemies: Who’s Next?

Television featured Communists as arch enemies until the Berlin Wall fell and the era of Communist villainy fell with it. Read More »

Budget: What Budget?

A budget or the lack of a budget is an elephant in the living room of a business. Read More »

Factory Tours and Facts

Factory tours and the Chamber are good for television, not so much for business facts. Facts are boring. Read More »

BC Business: Tales from the Front

This new Culture feature seeks articles that tell personal business stories describing the experiences from which lessons are learned. Read More »

The People’s Business – So Far

One expects an opposition party to oppose an incumbent party. But where are the job bills they promised? Read More »

Screw the Unemployed

But it does not have to do with jobs; it has to do with unemployment benefits. It cuts them back. Read More »

H.R. 3: An End Sweep of Rights

The bill is an end sweep of the 14th Amendment and Roe v Wade and re-regulates women’s reproductive rights. Read More »

Peace and Prosperity: Nothing Personal

The problem is that the money has got to come from somewhere, taxes or deficits. Read More »