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Tommy Mack began his career in broadcasting and is a US Army graduate of the Defense Information School. He worked in Army Public and Command Information and earned a BS in Liberal Studies from the State University of New York, Albany. A marketing communications executive, Tommy became a business management consultant for a major international consulting company and its affiliates before establishing Tommy Mack Organization, a business consulting practice specializing in organization and communications management. A professional writer and blogger, he writes about politics, business, and culture.

Not Anyone Can

Romney is the personification of the completed axiom that anyone can become President of the United States. Read More »

The Something Missing

It’s like watching a reality version of Gilligan’s Island as an elimination game show. Just look at the cast. Read More »

The Republican Brand: An Empty Hat

A television audience is a poor substitute for a constituency. Read More »

Pushing the Button

“Fair and balanced” is Fox’s claim. It is, so long as you are a Republican. Read More »

End Sweeping the Voting Rights Act

"There is no Negro problem. There is no Southern problem. There is no Northern problem. There is only an American problem.” Read More »

Easy To Buy

The first social medium is analogue – a bulletin board in a common area that uses paper and thumb tacks Read More »

Class Warfare: Boo–Hiss

If it is class warfare, the rich are the only ones who have been doing the fighting. Read More »

The Tea Party Shutdown Movie

The House stopgap bill blew up and illustrated that Speaker Boehner’s control of the House majority only exists on paper. Read More »

Hating Obama and Raising Money

Remember the GOP "Pledge to America?" Hate Obama. Vote Republican. Read More »

Perry’s Insult to Veterans

Why did Rick Perry make a voter ID bill an "emergency" to fast-track it when it discriminates against Texas veterans? Read More »