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Tommy Mack began his career in broadcasting and is a US Army graduate of the Defense Information School. He worked in Army Public and Command Information and earned a BS in Liberal Studies from the State University of New York, Albany. A marketing communications executive, Tommy became a business management consultant for a major international consulting company and its affiliates before establishing Tommy Mack Organization, a business consulting practice specializing in organization and communications management. A professional writer and blogger, he writes about politics, business, and culture.

Asking Not

The Republican elites who opposed Democratic Presidents Roosevelt, Kennedy and Johnson decried them as socialists too. Read More »

Gridlock Eric Cantor

In GQ Magazine’s “The 50 Most Powerful People in Washington*,” Eric Cantor tops the list.["*People with the last names Obama and Biden not included."] Read More »

A Laissez Faire-y Tale

The laissez faire ‘90s seemed to confirm Greenspan’s hands-off approach to regulation. But as a result, the financial world suffered a fiscal heart attack in 1998. Read More »

Tea Party: A Koch Industry

Koch Party House members rebelled and the Speakers’ tune changed to another piece of brinkmanship, for which the 112th Congress has become renowned. Read More »

Pipeline: What National Interest?

The Republican argument is that the pipeline project would produce jobs and money, maybe. Read More »

So Much Wishful Thinking

The Gingrich candidacy has shed light on other things about the post-Bush Republican Party. Read More »

Obama’s Rope-a-Dope

What are Republicans in Congress thinking? They do not understand that the president has suckered them into the president’s game. Read More »

Gingrich: The Honest Liar

At least Newt is an honest liar. He admits it. But lying is still dishonest. Read More »

Buying Bad Ideas

I acknowledge a grudging gratitude to Sarah Palin. But I underestimated the “moose-hunting rube,” as Charles Krauthammer referred to her. Read More »

Sorry, Cain Fans

The objectives of business and government are completely different. Business is all about profit and governments are all about people. Read More »