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A feature, not a bug

John Kerry can’t shoot deer, so he went shooting geese. In what Dick Cheney calls the “October Disguise” of the great statesman-coalition builder, we can actually see quite a remarkable progress. John Kerry has finally realized he can’t hunt the big guys. While a deer is a relatively smart individual who can blend with his habitat, a goose is just ... Read More »

The faith-based candidacy

The lame will walk when John Kerry is President, but for now, he is at least making sure they get their flu vaccine. Or was it ibuprofen? Unidentified campaign volunteers handed out unidentified pill boxes to unidentified seniors at a rally in Florida in a preview of John Kerry’s messianic presidency. Saving the needy one shot at a time. The ... Read More »

Washington Legal

I am a great fan of legal dramas. After “The Practice” has ended this June, I’ve been awaiting its spin-off impatiently. “Boston Legal” aired two episodes, and it has everything I am looking for in television: tight, smart dialogues, compelling storyline, and characters with the charisma of a nuclear power plant. There is an ageing lawyer who says his name ... Read More »

Behind the rhetoric

Spinmeisters do great job in sweetening candidates’ promises, and we may easily forget the election rule #1: read between the lines. Even without the spin and twist, what contenders proclaim as a top priority tends to evaporate as soon as they finish decorating their new office. Take compassionate conservativism, for example. In order to win the swing voters, George W. ... Read More »

Platitudes And Longitudes

“How’s your ex,” a friend asked me a couple of days ago. I did not immediately realize what he meant. Six years of marriage have cleansed my dating history, and I tried to come up with a name that had once meant passion and romance. As it turned out, he was interested in my ex-president, not a former girlfriend. I ... Read More »

Love: Impossible

Haruki Murakami might be the best-known Japanese writer in the Western hemispere. And rightfully so. While writing about things distinctly Japanese, he manages to move readers from different cultures. His books are widely read in America and Europe alike; when browsing the English-language in the biggest Prague bookstore Luxor, I could not pass through missing the large collection of his ... Read More »