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Wolf Vs. Bruckheimer

Wolf vs. Bruckheimer In the ongoing battle between TV production giants Dick Wolf and Jerry Bruckheimer, Wolf has raised the ante with his newest permutation of the Law and Order format, “Law and Order: Trial by Jury.” Premiering Thursday night, Wolf’s latest effort once again displayed the kind of tight scripting that has built the franchise into such a solid ... Read More »

Spontaneity Takes a Powder

Much to my amazement, every winner last night of the major Oscar award categories was exactly the person or film for which I would have voted were I a member of the Academy. I don’t think that’s ever happened before. Either I’m becoming clairvoyant, or the Academy is becoming more discerning and astute in its selections. Hilary Swank for Empress ... Read More »

Poetry Magazine Windfall

This must be one of most amazing bequests in the history of philanthropy. Ruth Lilly, 87-year old heiress to the Eli Lilly fortune, has set up a $100 million endowment fund for the venerable Poetry Magazine. No, that’s not a typo – that’s ONE HUNDRED million smackers! Poetry Magazine has been a hanging-on-by-the-skin-of-its-ass operation for generations. They have a staff ... Read More »

West Wing Goes South

Is it just me, or has West Wing gone from boffo to stinko? I loved that show for its first two seasons, but now I find it nearly insufferable. Martin Sheen is great as always, but he isn’t enough to carry the show by himself. I can’t stand listening to those politico smart-asses with their machine-gun delivery of sleep-inducing minutiae ... Read More »

Freddy Krueger Clergy

How about the piece on 60 Minutes concerning the Fundamentalist Christian Right’s maniacal support for Israel? On its face, that sounds like a good thing. Isn’t it nice that this group, usually stamped as closed-minded, has opened its heart–and its pocket book–to its Jewish brethren? You would be correct if you find yourself having the reaction that it couldn’t be ... Read More »