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Sporting Lesson: The Game Ends at Double Zero

Never put a subject to rest before the story actually ends. I simply wrote off Notre Dame and put those thoughts in my previous blog before the game actually ended. Read More »

Nine Days Observing the Sick Old Man of Europe

There’s paralysis in Western Europe. France, Germany, and Italy's economies are stalled and politicians seem helpless. Read More »

Art Monk, Bert Blyleven Overlooked as Hall of Fame Candidates

Sometimes in sports, numbers do not tell the whole story. Sometimes in sports, they do. Read More »

Book Review: Game of Shadows – How Steroids Ruin Baseball

Now the truth can be told; the era of feel-good baseball was based on a lie. Read More »

The Danish Cartoon Controversy: More Lessons To Be Learned

We're surrendering the interpretation of the Koran to radical Islamic fundamentalists, apologies accomplish nothing, but their intimidation is working. Read More »

Book Review: Sucker Punch by Jack Cashill

Not a normal biography, Cashill's book is less a boxing story than a cultural analysis of Muhammad Ali’s impact upon America. Read More »

The Creation and Ideology of Modern France

Charles De Gaulle represented all the glory of France and De Gaulle represented everything that Americans associate negatively with France Read More »

Homer Lea and Modern Political Thought

He was not quite five feet and hampered with a hunchback. Throughout his young life, he would be affected by constant headaches and frail health, yet his theories proved prophetic. Read More »

Book Review: The Great Pacific War

A History of the American-Japanese Campaign of 1931-33, by Hector Bywater Read More »

The March Toward the Anglosphere

As the 19th century came to a close, Great Britain stood as the premier country in the world. Read More »