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CD Review: Triptych Myth – The Beautiful

The songs on Triptych Myth’s The Beautiful (Aum Fidelity) play out like a series of cinematic scenes. The jazz trio, led by Cooper-Moore on piano with Tom Abbs on bass and Chad Taylor on drums, starts the record in a traditional manner—the piano and drums chatter back and forth a few measures before the bass enters and the whole group ... Read More »

Buckwheat Zydeco – Jackpot!

The zydeco accordionist and singer Buckwheat Zydeco released his last studio album eight years ago. Buckwheat, you’ve been gone too long! Read More »

Review: Grayson Capps’ If You Knew My Mind

The country-tinged tales on his national debut If You Knew My Mind are sung by a young man who’s seen more hardships than his age would indicate. Read More »

Regina Spektor in New Orleans (6/12/05)

Regina Spektor is an utterly self-assured performer. Read More »

Chicago Luzern Exchange – Several Lights

The Chicago Luzern Exchange brings together three young Chicago avant-garde jazz players and a Swiss. Read More »

Aimee Mann – The Forgotten Arm

The Forgotten Arm smolders but never catches fire. Read More »

Ponderosa Stomp Rocks and Rattles New Orleans

The Ponderosa Stomp, two nights of nearly twelve hours of music, is three times as much fun as Jazz Fest. Read More »

William Parker – Luc’s Lantern

Some jazz bassists make the instrument sound nimble. Their walking bass lines seem to skip. They slide up and down the neck as easily as a guitarist. When William Parker, one of the leading avant-garde jazz musicians, plays the bass, you never forget that it’s a massive instrument with thick strings. There is nothing sluggish in his playing. He often ... Read More »

Stomping in New Orleans between Jazz Fest

The two nights of the Ponderosa Stomp, April 26 and 27, celebrate the unsung creators of rock 'n' roll, R&B, rockabilly, blues and swamp pop. Read More »

Dave Holland’s Overtime

With this larger group, David Holland explores how the history of big bands fits into contemporary jazz. Read More »