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CD Review: The Underground Railroad – The Origin of Consciousness

Progressive Rock is probably the most misunderstood genre of popular music around, with the possible exception of Polka. Progressive Music invokes images of dragon slaying costume wearing primadona singers, elaborate stage sets and lengthy songs that have no hooks or discernible pattern. Fans of Progressive Music are often looked down upon as greasy haired pimple ridden pseudo-intellectuals with little or ... Read More »

Favorite Scrooge

Everybody has their favorite rendition of that Dickens classic, "A Christmas Carol," and, just like everyone else, I have mine. Read More »

Christmas Music List

Ahh, Christmas music. Or should I say, "muzak." You've all heard it, the cheesy oft times annoying drivel you hear walking through the mall, or even in coffee shops, that tell us of jingling bells, sleigh rides, dreams about white christmases, and stories of overweight bearded men who seem to know everything about your children. Read More »

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Of Natural History – A Review

The Museum is open and will fill your heart with dread, and your head with thought. You will be filled with a sense of darkness and crickets, of alligators and circus clowns. You will not be the same. It is difficult to explain this music. It’s even more difficult to explain their live performance. Sleepytime lives in their own unique ... Read More »