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Alito, Abortion, And A Blatant Double-Standard

Since baseball season's still a couple of months away, and since football season is winding down, I've been forced to amuse myself lately by watching the most banal of American sports: politics. Read More »

I Bet Having Genital Herpes Kicks Ass

I never realized that having a sexually-transmitted disease could kick so much ass. Read More »

The First Rule Of Cops

The show Cops has made it clear you can't get arrested if you're dressed. Read More »

Book Review: Polarization Bremsstrahlung (Physics of Atoms and Molecules)

If you're looking for a theoretical/mathematical discussion of polarization bremsstrahlung (or just bremsstrahlung in general), this is a primer. Read More »

I Wish I Could Punch Gretchen Wilson In The Nuts

In case you're unfamiliar with Gretchen Wilson and her music, I offer this brief synopsis of her work: Wilson's music is the sonic equivalent of prison rape...during a root canal...performed by an unlicensed, blind dentist...while being forced to dine on British cuisine. Read More »

I Guess Testicles Are No Longer In Fashion

Back in '79 AC/DC had us rollin' down the Highway to Hell, and somehow - 26 years later - we've found ourselves in the Reduced-Speed School Zone to Heck. What the hell has happened to rock 'n' roll? Read More »

The Future Is Stupid

It's no secret that babies suck ass. It's a scientific fact. So why are so many people still breeding? Read More »