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Kucinich Finally Endorses Kerry – The Terms

OhioCountdown2004 has received exclusive access to the terms agreed between John Kerry and Dennis Kucinich. Dennis drove a hard bargain. In exchange for the endorsement of Congressman Kucinich, who represents Cleveland’s west side and western suburbs, and for the support of Kucinich’s powerful block of 70 delegates, John Kerry agrees to the following – 1. In future comments, Kerry will ... Read More »

ESPN Names Cleveland Most Tortured Sports City

As the Cavaliers/Boozer fiasco descends into the shameful, one wonders where it lands among the all-time Cleveland sports nightmares. ESPN has a forensic examination of the top 10 most tortured moments in Cleveland sports. It is a must read for John Kerry and George Bush if they want to win Ohio, a litany of misery so profound and head spinning ... Read More »

Gov. Springer? Yup – now get over it

Bush & Kerry in 2004 face the strong undercurrent in Ohio of Jerry Springer’s likely 2006 gubernatorial run. It would be best if both avoided the arrogant condescension of the mainstremam Ohio media on Springer’s suitability. The Plain Dealer’s Brent Larkin, displaying the sophisticated analysis of a foot stomping kindergarten teacher, claims that it would be yet another disaster for ... Read More »

Too Hard on D’s?

It’s been brought to my attention that my blog sounds a bit too hard on Democrats in Ohio. Given the state of Ohio Democrats, I’m not sure that’s really possible…but never let it be said I don’t respond well to criticism…a good turnout for a literature drop this weekend (20 people…in June for god’s sake), reminded me of a story. ... Read More »

Kerry Politburo’s Meetup Purge

On seeing “Kerry Legal Team Updates” on the Thursday, June 24, Cleveland, Ohio Volunteer Meeting Agenda I was initially encouraged. Good to see the Kerry campaign gearing up for potential election day shenanigans, I thought. Boy, was I wrong. Read More »

Bush in Cincy – Noose Tightening

George W. Bush was in Cincinnati Tuesday, the third time since March. This is a good sign for Democrats. Greater Cincinnati is the hardest of hard core Republican areas in Ohio. It makes sense for Republican candidates to go there late in the election, to rally the base and get them out to vote. If GW is going there nearly ... Read More »