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Mubarak Reportedly has Fled Capital with Family, Military no Help

Mubarak has fled Cairo with his family, reports claim. The military refuses to force Mubarak out. Read More »

Stubborn Mubarak Refuses to Step Down; Citizens Angry, Military In Middle

Mubarak refuses to step down, delegates power to Suleiman who has allegedly used torture. Read More »

Hundreds of Thousands Pour Into Tahrir Square, Mubarak Expected To Resign

Military seizes control of the country to "safeguard" Egyptians. Read More »

Snow-Buried Denver Digs Out

Heavy snow blankets the entire state of Colorado, resulting in road closures and delays. Read More »

Arizona Pauses on Birthright Citizenship

Arizona would give a birth certificate but not citizenship to children of undocumented workers. Read More »

Arizona Immigration Activists Urge Bud Light Boycott

Activists say immigrants buy Bud Light then the owners use profits to support anti-immigrant legislation. Read More »

DVD Review: Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action Insight For Activists

A chaotic world turns into peaceful resistance through spirituality Read More »

Movie Review: Which Way Home

Children risk their lives traveling alone. Read More »

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Strips Medical Care From Poor; People Dying

Gov. Brewer denied a bone marrow transplant after a man begged for his life, and he died. Read More »

Breaking: Colorado Introduces Arizona SB 1070 Law After MLK Marade, Racial Profiling Feared

Immigrants and people of color subject to arrest without I.D., Arizona copy cat law could costs millions. Read More »