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A breast is a breast?

The world is all a-titter about the exposure of Janet Jackson’s breast during the Super Bowl halftime show yesterday. In fact, the FCC is starting an investigation immediately (it took how long to get investigations started into the 9/11 attacks and the validity of the intelligence used as a basis for the Iraqi war?) into not just the breast exposure, ... Read More »

The hidden danger of ‘Black Box Voting’ machines

There’s been a lot of discussion on blogs recently about the new touchscreen voting machines (sometimes called “black boxes”) that are being purchased by states eager to comply with the Help America Vote Act of 2002. An article in the Independent (UK) earlier this week offered an overview of some of the allegations and concerns raised by these new voting ... Read More »

Drugs, pain and choice

I really haven’t said much yet about Rush Limbaugh’s drug situation. It’s kind of a difficult subject for me, because I have more than a bit of experience of my own with hydrocodone and other prescription painkillers. Part of me wants to have compassion for him – drug addiction is a hard thing to deal with and can be very ... Read More »

Ah-nold and a suggested slogan

IMDb offers a daily poll that is usually good for a few laughts. Today’s question is “What Arnold Schwarzenegger movie line do you see best summing up his political philosophy/message?”, with several of his more famous catch phrases from his movies for you to choose between. Well, I don’t know which one best sums up his political philosophy or message ... Read More »

Making nice

In Fallujah, a city that has hosted some of the worst of the fighting and anti-American sentiment, it looks like the military is trying some different tactics in hopes of reducing the violence against our troops and begin working toward the ability to cooperate in the rebuilding of Iraq. One of the bigger things they’re trying is paying attention to ... Read More »

The death of Dr. David Kelly

According to an article by Warren Hodge and Judith Miller of the New York Times (the copy I found was published by SF Gate), Dr. David Kelly’s wife has confirmed that the body found yesterday was his, and that the police have told her he committed suicide. She also noted that the police have asked her not to speak about ... Read More »

Protest Restrictions

Back in 1999, after discovering a website parodying his campaign for the Presidency, George W. Bush famously declared that “There ought to be limits to freedom“. Since his installation as President, we’ve come to see that he was being quite sincere when he said that. Bush does not like to be aware of anyone disagreeing with him or his policies. ... Read More »

America’s Einherjar

This past Monday was Memorial Day, a day to honour America’s Einherjar – the brave men and women who chose the lives of warriors and were called to their ultimate destiny as a result. They are rightly considered heroes. Memorial day should also be a time for reflection – and for making sure that the Einherjar have not had their ... Read More »

Matrix Reloaded

[NOTE: This review is by Nyghtfall for reviews @ different strings and is reprinted here with permission.] In 1999, a movie was released that would garner a cult following that hasn’t stopped growing since. That movie was The Matrix. The movie combined gravity-defying martial arts, over-the-top, never-before seen special effects, and a premise that proved resoundingly effective in inducing a ... Read More »