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Author Archives: Thomas M. Sipos

A Fair Tax for Progressives and Conservatives

A national sales tax protects privacy and avoids marriage discrimination. Read More »

Can’t Afford a House? Pay for Someone Else’s!

Why the mortgage crisis is a Good Thing -- and shame on the government for trying to "fix it." Read More »

The Principle of Power Envy

Progressives and Ann Coulter have something in common - they just love power, can't get enough of it. Read More »

Realistic Rent Control – With Vouchers

Rent vouchers make better sense than rent control. Fairer, too. Read More »

Fight Hate by Ending “Hate Crime” Laws

On Michael Richards, Tennie Pierce, and other Kafkaesque buffoonery. Read More »

A Taxpayer’s Nightmare: Needless Bondage

Myths and lies lurk behind every bond measure. Read More »

Book Review: Gospel of the Living Dead: George Romero’s Visions of Hell on Earth by Kim Paffenroth

The PC bigotries of academic film books, from their pretentious vapidity to the political showboating. Read More »

DVD Review: Blood Relations

Gruesome brain torture doesn't save this cheap suspense/noir film. Read More »

Libertarians for Lieberman?

Libertarians go dumpster diving in the Demopublican trash heap. Read More »

DVD Review: Invasion of the Flesh Hunters

Italian cannibal film with a Vietnam War subtext. Read More »