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First Look 2008: Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate George Phillies

Libertarian Party presidentical candidate Phillies already has a video commercial, two years to develop a public profile -- it's still uphill. Read More »

Book Review: The Jesus Papers by Michael Baigent

Baigent weaves his reasonable speculation on a loom of the provable. The result is a colorful tapestry... Read More »

First Look 2008: Libertarian Michael Badnarik

Libertarian Badnarik's 2004 campaign was able to stay resolutely "on message." We can't count on that luxury in 2008. Read More »

First Look 2008: Concerning Libertarian Presidential Campaigns

The Libertarian Party will almost certainly nominate a 2008 presidential candidate...this should go without saying, but in the LP's case it doesn't. Read More »

First Look 2008: Karen Kwiatkowski

Assuming she enters the race ... the [Libertarian Party] is unlikely to see a more qualified prospective nominee than Karen Kwiatkowski. Read More »

CD Review: Little Creatures by Talking Heads

Twenty years on, Little Creatures still justifies its own existence in spades as music for now, not just for then. Read More »

…And Justice For All

To the extent that the justice system is publicly funded, shouldn't the justice system be ... justly funded? Read More »

CD Review: Talking Heads – 77

I was too young to appreciate 77 at the time of its release, and never really followed the band until closer to the end of their run. Read More »

Book Review: Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid

Right up front it's important to make clear that The Colorado Kid is just a plain good story, delivered as only King can deliver it. Read More »

Book Review: Stephen King’s Cell

I read Cell in one sitting - but not, unfortunately, because King held me spellbound. Instead, I just felt a gnawing desire to be done. Read More »