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Writer, Storyteller, Philosopher, Expat, Father

Marriage Ban To Strengthen Family Values

A new study, published by The Center for Healthy Engagement And Togetherness, shows that marriage is the leading cause of divorce. Arguing that marriage is the source of the breakdown of the modern family, CHEAT is taking their case to Washington. Sue Ford, founder of CHEAT, began her grassroots movement last Spring. Inspired by the possibility of a constitutional amendment ... Read More »

Special Action To Increase Responsible Education (SATIRE)

In an unprecedented case settled in Los Angeles today, children under eighteen have been banned from the public library. Concerned parents and teaching officials filed suit earlier this year, arguing that there should be parity between movie theater and library admission policies. Restricted movies, they argued, prevent minors from being subject to violence, profane language and strong sexual themes — ... Read More »

Kevin Trudeau Found To Cause Cancer

Kevin Trudeau, author of Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know About, finds himself in a sticky spot — studies have now shown that his book causes cancer. I’m not writing this as an opponent to his widely researched and impeccably argued case for purchasing his high-end calcium supplements, and against the scourge of microwave ovens, sunscreen, non-white clothing ... Read More »

Conquering Context

“… our country … attacks … the … foundations of … freedom ….”  —G. W. Bush I’m not making this up. Bush used these words, in this order, in his August 20, 2005 radio address. I suggest that it’s high time that we hold our elected officials responsible for such obviously outrageous orderings of words. We, the informed public, with ... Read More »

Ode to Devastation

America is a hot dog Stuffed in a tube stuffed in a bun Coated with blood red ketchup Crumpled and floating In a white paper sleeve Gobbled in the wake of A desperately rusting pickup truck Paddled by a poor man Humming a twelve bar blues Read More »