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Writer, Storyteller, Philosopher, Expat, Father

Babies and Laundry, or Blot Don’t Rub!

How can a baby generate so much laundry? Read More »

On Writing, Typewriters, and Cormac McCarthy

McCarthy's is the prose of a man who has taken the time to think things through. Read More »

On Taking My Hand For Granted

It occurred to me last night that I could very easily lose my hand. Read More »

Wither the Nobel Peace Prize

The biggest injustice is that F. W. De Klerk shared a Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela. Read More »

A Solitary Man

Looking at him is looking into me. Read More »

Corporate Freezer Burn: Name Plates

For years, we had worked in relative anonymity as we were never given name plates. Read More »

Corporate Freezer Burn: Life Among the Cubicles

In sum, I can no longer tolerate the stench of microwaved frozen lunches in the break room. Read More »

Bicycling Is Not Dangerous: What I’ve Learned As A Bicycle Commuter

Riding on the wrong side of the street, on sidewalks, weaving in and out of cars: these activities make bicycling appear dangerous. Read More »

BBQ Tuesday: A Social Revolution In Your Own Backyard

We inadvertently brought together a whole lot of people who would never have met one another otherwise. Read More »

How To Spend “The Advanced Energy Initiative” and “The American Competitiveness Initiative”

These initiatives are long-overdue commitments to overhauling our attitudes toward energy consumption. Read More »