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The Official Obama Hit Piece

An in-depth analysis of the Democratic frontrunner's own policies Read More »

Dishonest Dems

Why Democrats and truth don't get along. Read More »

The Bailout Game

The plan to bail out irresponsible borrowers is plain irresponsible. Read More »

Iran Redux

Why we still can't live with a nuclear Iran... Read More »

An Interview With Tom Schatz, President of Citizens Against Government Waste

CAGW is a non-profit, non-partisan group focused on the task of reducing wasteful spending and inefficiencies by the U.S. government. Read More »

Peace In The Middle East, By Way Of Maryland

Why the Annapolis peace conference is anything but hopeful... Read More »

The Obnoxious American Loves Hillary

A look at the platform of the current favorite for 2008. Read More »

The Politics of Reality

Sometimes fear isn't political, sometimes fear is part of self preservation. Read More »

Why We Can’t Live With A Nuclear Iran

John Abizaid is wrong about a nuclear Iran and so is the UN. Read More »

The Real Debate

This Sunday's Meet The Press hosted a real debate between Republican and Democrat Read More »