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The Truth about Executive Compensation

America is losing the very thing that makes it great. Opportunity. Read More »

Change: Can You Believe It?

The Obnoxious American's plan for true unity and post-partisanship. Read More »

President Obama

The Obnoxious American takes a peek into the future Read More »

Sick and Tired of the Election

The Obnoxious American is mad as hell, but he has no choice but to continue taking it. Read More »

Obama’s Race Problem

Is this election race all about race? Read More »

Five Ways to Reduce the Cost of Gas

The Obnoxious American has a better prescription than Barack Obama to reduce gas prices Read More »

Reverend Wright at the National Press Club

Reverend Wright reminds voters why they'd be crazy to vote for Obama in November. Read More »

Democrats: I Just Don’t Understand

Why is the Democratic party at odds with itself? Read More »

The Pennsylvania Debates: Is it Me?

The Obnoxious American is not impressed with Barack Obama Read More »

Super Tuesday! Texas and Ohio Open A Can of Worms for Democrats

Is it possible that this is the first time the spoiler of an election was a member of the same party? Read More »