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The Left’s Myth of American Unexceptionalism

Collectivism and the myth of American Unexceptionalism may undermine American society as a whole Read More »

Not Another Obama Rant

For this article, I've decided to not discuss the disagreements I have with the Obama administration - this article isn't about that. Read More »

Note to Democrats: Tax Cuts Didn’t Cause the Recession

The Obnoxious American calls out President Obama and the Democrats on their lies regarding the cause of the recession. Read More »

The End of Personality Politics

America has picked her leaders based on personality. Now, the chickens are coming home to roost. Read More »

Presidential Multitasking

President Obama campaigned on being able to do more than one thing at a time, but it's clear he needs to focus. Read More »

Obama Administration Will Allow Media To Exploit Fallen Soldiers

Why removing this ban is a victory for our enemies. Read More »

The Obama Show

The President gives a good speech again. But what's actually in the speech isn't so good. Read More »

Freedom Under Attack by President Obama and Democrats

There's a disturbing trend starting to emerge from the new administration and it's counterpart in congress Read More »

What’s Going On?

Between Obama's stimulus plan, the housing plan, to Eric Holder utterances, the Obnoxious American is wondering what's happening to this country. Read More »

Shlock and Craw

Obama exposes himself on prime time TV. Read More »