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Dispelling the common myth of the educated liberal. Read More »

President Obama’s Jobs Problem

The State of the Union: Just Words? Read More »

Justice: The New Reparations

No matter what it's called, it's wrong Read More »

On Guns and Balls

The Idiotic Gilbert Arenas, and the Even More Idiotic Liberal Position on Guns Read More »

Harry Reid and the Left’s Insulting Identity Politics

Senator Harry Reid's newly surfaced comments prove that the left is obsessed with identity politics. Read More »

Obama and the Left’s Insulting Identity Politics

The celebration of Ms. Simpson's appointment to Commerce proves just how silly and bigoted the Democrats really are. Read More »

The Symptom

The terror attack on Flight 253 is a symptom of Obama's prosecution of the War On Terror Read More »

The Obnoxious American Says Bring the Troops Home

An Open Letter to President Obama Read More »

Jewish Guilt

How does it feel to be a Jew who voted for Obama? Read More »

Would Obama Win Again?

The Obnoxious American wonders whether Americans are getting a hangover from all this "change" Read More »