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Satire: Matzohball Man

George Allen goes meshuggeneh. Read More »

Satire: Pope Revealed As Anti-Christian Bigot

That the Pope should now come out on the same side as these anti-Jesus child molesters is extremely disappointing to say the least. Read More »

Today’s Headlines, Minus the Bullshit

Reading between the lines on the front page. Read More »

Newly Discovered Federalist Paper Says President Is Infallible

On Tuesday, Vice President Dick Cheney made a startling discovery with historic implications. While cleaning out some papers from an antique desk, the Vice President apparently discovered a new “Federalist Paper” hitherto lost to history. The Federalist Papers were a series of eighty-five articles written under the pen name “Publius” by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay in late ... Read More »

How To Sell The Patriot Act

SCENE: A supermarket. A woman is picking up and examining various brands of bathroom tissue. Unable to tell the difference between two leading brands, she absent-mindedly tosses one in her shopping cart. As she does this, President George W. Bush steps from behind a display of paper towels. THE PRESIDENT: Excuse me ma’am. I couldn’t help but notice that you ... Read More »

US Officials: al-Zarqawi, Morrison May Have Been Killed In Attack

"Thank heaven for Fergie," a source inside the Department of Defense says about the possibility. Read More »

Justice League: 2005

To whom does an embattled chief executive turn when his poll numbers are down and his aides are in legal trouble? Read More »

Bushigan’s Island

Just grab your sack and you’ll hear a tale A tale of a total crock That started with some yellow cake And ended with Iraq The Pres was a mighty drinking man The Veep was a big fat shit A hundred million bags of douche Had voted for this twit … had voted for this twit The weather started getting ... Read More »

Scenes We’d Like To See

With apologies to Mad Magazine... Read More »

Justice Is Served Up Hot (and Gay) in the Virginia Governor’s Race

The anti-gay Republican candidate Jerry Kilgore finds himself on the receiving end of a damaging rumor. Read More »