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Carter, Clinton, and Clearing Up Some Confusion.

Carter and Clinton may have eavesdropped, but that still doesn't make it, or Matt Drudge, right. Read More »

Spying Scandal Questions

President Bush claims the domestic scandal hurts national secuirty. Really, it's his own job security at stake. Read More »

Hard Times & Political Theatre of the Absurd

Timing was everything in the response to Katrina -- at least in front of the cameras. Read More »

Getting Those Priorities Straight

More than 40,000 homes are destroyed in New Orleans, and President Bush singles out one. Read More »

Patriotism Lite, Still Less Fulfilling

Flags and lip service are all the support some Americans can muster. Read More »

“Patriotism Lite”

Is America at war -- or just the American military? Read More »

What Did You Do in the “Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism,” Daddy?

If something isn't working, try re-branding it. Changing the name of the "War on Terror." Read More »

Time to Cross the Bridge

It's called "the weakest point in America's defense against terrorism." Read More »

Justice O’Connor Retires: Supreme Decision

Where to turn in the fight over the next Supreme Court Justice. Read More »

What’s Next After Sandra Day O’Connor?

The President will likely act in six hours to name a replacement -- but it'll take all summer to fight it out. Read More »