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A Workable Alternative to Term Limits

Even with term limits, we would still be left with the same old problems. Read More »

Winning a Nomination Without a Majority?

Speculation has it that 35-40% of the vote in each contest could be enough. Read More »

The Hypocrisy of Insider Trading Laws

When we outlaw some forms of unfairness while ignoring or even encouraging other forms of it, isn't that in itself unfair? Read More »

Emancipation from the IRS

As long as we have the income tax, we will all continue to be slaves to the IRS. Read More »

A Viewpoint Not Represented in Mainstream Media

I'm somewhere in-between a Goldwater Republican and a libertarian. Read More »

Twelve Frustrating Ways to Lose a Football Game

Did your team meet with any of these fates during this past football season? Read More »

When the NFL Jumped the Shark

Uniform changes, relocation, and expansion that were all for the worse. Read More »