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Always been a writer, always maintained an interest in politics, how people communicate and fantasy worlds within photography and books. Previously wrote for Blogcritics back in 2005 and interested in exploring the issues and topics I'm interested - the changing landscape of entertainment. all from the POV of a creator first, consumer, second.

Pros and Cons: Netflix Decides To Pay Extra for Access


There has been a lot of attention in the news lately about Net Neutrality and how the Netflix/Comcast deal plays in the future of the internet. Read More »

Music Review: Ace Noface – Toxic Charm

A CD about legacy and time's passage, from a musician who may not have long to live. Read More »

Music Review: Intodown – Brave New World

We have an almost exclusively instrumentalist playground for sky-bound wonder, with a modern, self-disciplined kick. Read More »

TV Review: Painkiller Jane – “Ghost In The Machine”

Connor meets up with old friends - and they try and kill him. Read More »

TV Review: Painkiller Jane – “Portraits of Lauren Gray”

Runway models, lesbian kisses, and wrinkled prunes. Read More »

TV Review: Painkiller Jane – “Trial By Fire”

Connor is accused of murder and arson and Team Neuro becomes a legal defense powerhouse. Very Law & Order, with a twist. And very good. Read More »

TV Review: Painkiller Jane – “Friendly Fire”

This episode reaches emotional depths heretofore unexplored in the series. Note it just doesn't attempt emotional depth, it reaches it. Read More »

TV Review: Painkiller Jane – “Higher Court”

A vigilante neuro kills off guys in witness protection to make himself feel better about his dead daughter. Read More »

TV Review: Painkiller Jane – “Breakdown”

An analysis of Jane's blood reveals DNA characteristics very similar to that of the neuros. Read More »

TV Review: Painkiller Jane – “Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself”

Jane's mother appears as a vision, a personification of her deepest fear of being hated rather than loved by the woman she idolizes. Read More »