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TV Review: American Inventor – Pimp My Pride

American? Sure. Inventive? Not so much. Read More »

American Idol: the Modern Face of American Mean

Simon, Paula and Randy - hilarious? Or dangerous? Read More »

Trading Spouses: Crazy Lady

You saw her frothing on the ads. But for those outside the USA, does she represent America? Read More »

The Amazing Race: Family Feud Edition

Let's talk Weavers. The family that you love to hate... Read More »

Nip/Tuck Season Three: The Drinking Game

It's time to indulge in that which indicates a dying show: the drinking game. Read More »

Desperately Seeking Desperate Housewives

I've been resisting jumping on the Bashing Bandwagon, but... well... a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Read More »

Earl Hickey: Primetime Prophet

Haven't yet sampled the trashy delights of My Name is Earl? Let teletart convince you. Read More »

Survivor Guatemala: 20 Questions

Has Survivor reached the end of its useful life? And did that happen several seasons ago? Read More »

TV Review: The Biggest Loser in Las Vegas

Biggest Loser contestants conveniently become Big Winners in Vegas. Is the fix in? Read More »

Arrested Development: why? why!?

If I could make it rate with just the awesome power of my mind, I would. Read More »