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cruise deals

The term cruise deals refers to a deal on a cruise vacation. The deal would usually include either some sort of special perks, money off or may just be the cheapest option available. There are a number of sites that offer cruise deals as well as other useful information such as cruise reviews. People often discuss available cruise deals on ... Read More »


An airport is a land-based installation who’s primary function is to facilitate the take-off and landing of aircraft of all varieties such as aeroplanes, helicopters and blimps, via surfaces such as runways and helipads. Additional facilities include aircraft maintenance hangars, air traffic control towers, emergency services, terminal buildings, shopping and customs. Airports are divided into categories; private, commercial and military ... Read More »


The tag "Greek" is a term used to describe a person who originates from Greece. Greece is located in south-eastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. Greece has a large number of islands (approximately 1400) giving it a coastline that is 14,880 km long. Greece is situated off a total of 5 seas; the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea, the Myrtoa ... Read More »

e mail

The term e-mail stands for electronic mail and is the process of transmitting messages from computer to computer using data communication networks. E-mail is widely used today by people all over the world for personal ad business use. An e-mail system requires a messaging system which has a store and forward capability based on SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). E-mail ... Read More »


The tag photographie is french for photography. There are many types of photography or photographie, including fashion, commercial and portrait photography as well as a whole host of others. Today the photography industry is huge and there are some seriously talented photographers in the world today. One of the most recognized photographers in the world is David Bailey, who has ... Read More »


The term Motorola is commonly known as the name of a large worldwide electronics company. Motorola specializes in the production of electronics systems such as mobile phones or cell phones. Motorola Mobile Phones have a good reputation for quality and reliability. The company was formed in 1928 in Chicago by brothers Paul and Joseph Galvin under the name Galvin Manufacturing ... Read More »


The term Nikon refers to a large Japanese optical equipment company. Founded in 1917, Nikon are well known in the consumer world for the production of cameras and other optical equipment such as telescopes, scanners and binoculars. Nikon created some of the world’s first digital SLRs for research purposes by NASA in the early 90’s. Nikon produce some of the ... Read More »


The tag “industry” can refer to a number of things such as the “finance industry” the “property industry” and the “business industry.” When it comes to the business industry it’s very important to have top quality software such as point of sale software packages like Fedelta. There are a number of similar software packages available that are widely used in ... Read More »


Mozilla is the codename for the Netscape Navigator software project. As well as being most commonly known as the name of the application software seamonkey from Mozilla which also offers an internet browser called Firefox and the email client Thunderbird. The Mozilla Firefox browser is highly popular among more technical users and is the browser of choice for most people ... Read More »