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Rhapsody better online music model than iTunes?

Is iTunes the equivalent of the 30 second teaser? Rhapsody offers more flexibility for those with multiple computers and the ability to build playlists online that can be listened to anywhere online but requires a monthly subscription fee. Is the Rhapsody model, which includes the ability to burn music, better than iTunes? Read More »

Review: Soap Season 1

The most controversial sitcom soap ever? Soap broke down many taboo topics with a clever blend of humor and humanity. How does it make the transition to DVD some 20+ years later? Read More »

ALA’s 100 most challenged/banned books

While the RIAA is waging war against filetraders, another battle continues on in the libraries across America: book challenges and banning. This week, September 20 – 27 is the American Library Association (ALA) banned books week and it seemed appropriate to do a little research on what books have been challenged and/or banned from libraries across the United States. Though ... Read More »