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Review: Alien vs. Predator – the war in the cutting room

Would this movie have been better if it had an R rating? What does it take to get an R rating these days? They say that sales-wise an R rating can spell doom but on the cutting room floor do they cut out some of the stuff that made these movies thrilling? Read More »

Review: Doom 3 — it’s finally here, was the wait worth it?

Doom 3 is finally out: some early level hints, tips and thoughts about the new highly anticipated incarnation of this popular franchise that once spawned a tragedy in Columbine. Does it still earn the Mature rating? Read More »

Ozzfest 2004: Black Sabbath upstaged by Judas Priest

Judas Priest played longer, harder and better than the equally venerable Black Sabbath at Ozzfest 2004. Find out the details and setlists for the Seattle (Auburn), Washington show on July 27, 2004. Read More »

I, Robot: Positronically Implausible

From the transparent, gratuitous opening shower and pumping iron scenes, Detective Spooner (Will Smith) is showing off for the ladies in what we all know will fundamentally be another robots gone bad movie. All the trailers and secrecy in the world can’t shroud the obvious facts that this is a plotline seen so many times in film history that there ... Read More »

Napster offers free portable player with 1 year service

Napster is offering one of the best online music deals yet: a free MP3 player with a one year paid subscription. Who says renting music is such a bad thing? Read More »

Clear Channel buys patent for instant live-to-CD recording

Prepare to become disenchanted with Clear Channel, who bought the patent for instant albums. Or do you think this patent makes sense? Read More »

Spider-Man covers the MLB bases

Major League Baseball has struck a controversial deal to put Spider-Man on the bases. This is the first time advertising has been allowed inside the baseline. Is this a slippery slope or no big deal? Read More »

W.A.S.P meets Stephen King: The Neon God: Part 1 – The Rise

Strange, but compelling, heavy metal horror experience. For those who like a deep story cooked with their heavy metal, check out what Blackie Lawless has been brewing. Read More »

Scooby Doo 2: Plot Unleashed

If you are expecting this to be worthy of some Scooby snacks, then prepare to go hungry. After seeing this, you'll be singing: Scooby, Scooby 2, no plot too! Read More »

Metallica Part 2: Godsmack louder than Metallica Live!

Heavy metal was meant to be played loud, but is there a point where too loud is no longer good? Godsmack pushes the limit and actually plays louder than Metallica on the St. Anger tour show at Key Arena in Seattle. This article contains the complete show set list for the 3/28/2004 Metallica show. Read More »