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Another Presidenta for South America? Lourdes Flores Nano Leads Peru Race

The lads of South America’s political class will have stay on their toes: Peruvian voters are set to elect their first female president in April. Read More »

What is an American?

...the word 'American' is not an ethnic or racial identification, but a signal that one adheres to the basic ideals that the United States is supposed to espouse. Read More »

The Election That Nobody Noticed

You might think that the election of a Nobel Peace Prize winner in a friendly Central American country would merit an article or two in the U.S. press. Read More »

Fences Make Friends: Outside the Fence

Venezuelan liberator Simon Bolivar once wrote that the nations that now comprise Spanish-speaking Latin America should naturally be drawn to common causes, due to their “common origin, language, customs, and religion”. Read More »

Mexico’s Elections: Out-Foxing the Left

This summer’s elections in Mexico will be historic in more ways than one... Read More »

A New Iron Lady for Chile

This December, Chileans are expected to elect their first female president. Read More »