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‘Spider’: a web worth the shivers

Controversial Cronenberg does it again in a film which is far more than a creepy movie, but this one needed seeing twice before the grim tale it unravels sunk in with a sinister beauty. Read More »

‘Strange Days’: Hard-wired sparks in dark times

Nine years ago, an ambitious sci-fi chiller left audiences largely unmoved and critics divided. Could this have had more to do with its unwelcome messages than its technological accomplishments? Read More »

‘Effendi’: justice in the balance

Jon Courtenay Grimwood's second Arabesk goes into the SF and Crime categories only by default. It should really be in the scalpel drawer along with other extremely penetrating instruments. Read More »

‘We’: an old masterpiece with a post-modern message

A friend lent me a missing link between H.G. Wells and Orwell's '1984'. Yevgeny Zamyatin's short but seminal 1921 trip into science fiction proved to be the most pertinent social satire of our times I've encountered in ages. Read More »

‘Decipher’: far out, too much (and grippingly good)!

Stel Pavlou's first novel rivets the attention, draws on two of the oldest and most widespread myths known to humanity, and chucks scientists, the military and an oil corporation together to save the world ... again. Read More »