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E.T.: The Mix Tape

The "Voyager Golden Record" doesn't seem to be working... maybe we can do better? Read More »

Concert Review: Bjork (Chicago, IL 5/12/07)

Are we having fun yet...? Read More »

Concert Review: Keith Jarrett – “An Evening of Solo Piano Improvisations” (2/17/07, Chicago, IL)

"Keith Jarrett's first solo piano recital in Chicago since 1985..." No pressure, Keith! Read More »

The 15 Greatest Albums of All Time [1981 Edition]

Set the Wayback Machine for 1981... Read More »

Music Review: Rhys Chatham – A Crimson Grail (for 400 Electric Guitars)

An electric "Amen"... Read More »

Chicago’s Jazz Showcase Shuttered

Chi-town's oldest jazz club closes its doors after 60 years. Read More »

Ten Turkeys of 2006

The disappointing, the uninspired, and the flat out bad CDs of 2006, including the dreaded Turkey of the Year Award. Read More »

Fifteeen — OK, Twenty Favorite CDs of 2006

Vegas, Moondog, Thundergods, Keystone, Big Sur, a pair of Altars, and a Tight Sweater for good measure. Read More »

Ten Favorite DVDs of 2006

Playmates, Homicide, Wordplay, and, of course, Bullshit. Read More »

Music Review – Moondog: Rare Material

Rare (and not-so-rare) material by the blind, Viking-garbed, counterpoint-obsessed composer-busker-percussionist-philosopher Louis "Moondog" Hardin. Read More »