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Toys are usually enjoyed by children at play. Classic toys include teddy bears, dolls and building blocks. Some toys are educational, helping children learn developmental skills. Other toys are intended to simply entertain or occupy children. Parents often steer their children to gender-specific toys. For example, girls are encouraged to play with dolls and boys are encouraged to play with ... Read More »


A camcorder is a portable device used to capture audio and video. The name "camcorder" was derived from the fact that it contains both a video camera and a video recorder. When the camcorder was first introduced, it quickly became popular because it eliminated the need for a separate, bulky video recorder unit. The main advantage of the camcorder over ... Read More »


A gift is an item voluntarily given from one person to another for nothing in return. Gifts are often given on special occasions, like birthdays and holidays. It is also common to give a gift to express feelings of love, friendship or regret. Gifts are often wrapped in decorative paper, bows and ribbon. Some gifts are commonly given for specific ... Read More »