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Jeff Wayne’s Musical War Of The Worlds

This evening I found a key to my memories of Alvaro and part of my childhood's soundtrack. It's Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War Of The Worlds. Based on H.G. Wells' novel of the same name, this is an interesting take on an old classic. Read More »

London Is Exploding

Okay, I am in the middle of some serious shit. This city is under attack. I am in the middle of a terrorist attack. Sources say seven bombs have exploded across the Tube in Central London. Never have I been so glad not to have one fucking place to go today but what’s scary is that I was on the ... Read More »

Orishas: Discovering Cubano Hip Hop

I discovered Cubano hip hop group, Los Orishas accidentally reading the Metro to work last Friday. Of course, I read every word of the article, absorbed by the review/preview; they were performing in London this weekend. I am now seriously disappointed that I didn't know in advance, since I have rampaged through the iTunes Music Store, and now find myself enthralled with this unique music. Read More »

City Of God

You watch as the actors run through streets with garbage piled high on both sides; watch as children commit violence without breaking a sweat. You can see this film is a mirror of real events, because a film with this kind of authenticity is rare. Read More »

What Mama Said

Directed by Gloria Weinstock, the lighthearted comedy takes a trip "down there" to get the lowdown on what mothers say (or don't say) about those "nether regions" and the effect their communication style has on their daughters. Read More »

Announcing Caribbean Studies Press

A new imprint, Caribbean Studies Press, focusing on scholarly texts and references in Caribbean Studies. Subjects of particular interest include anthropology, archaeology, biography, economics, religion, sociology, and visual and performing arts. Read More »

State Of The Race

The informative new nonfiction anthology, State Of The Race: Creating Our 21rst Century: Where Do We Go From Here?, edited by Jemadari Kamara and Tony Menelik, published by Der Meer Diaspora Press (Boston 2004) contains important essays by Ali Mazrui, Marimba Ani, and many others. Read More »