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Author Archives: Sujatha Bagal

Book Review: The Little Man in the Map by E. Andrew Martonyi, Illustrated by Ed Olson

Books like Martonyi's, written for children with an intimate understanding of what captivates their attention, are much-needed agents of change. Read More »

Book Review: Eats, Shoots & Leaves and The Girl’s Like Spaghetti by Lynne Truss; Illustrator Bonnie Timmons

As you flip through the pages, you may begin to wonder if children should be the only beneficiaries of these wonderful books. Read More »

Book Review:’s Self-Published Children’s Literature

Perhaps because these are self-published books, I get the feeling that we, the readers, are privy to a little bit more of the authors' personalities. Read More »

Software Review: Knowledge Adventure Books by You For Children

If your child is into reading and has the creative urge, Books by You is a wonderful way to spark the desire to write. Read More »

Book Review: On The Road to Kandahar – Travels Through Conflict in the Islamic World by Jason Burke

Equally fascinating and uplifting, and the most attractive parts of the book, are Burke's accounts of his meeting with many people over the years. Read More »

An Immigrant’s Super Bowl Ruminations

What's not to love about a game in which you can watch tight ends to your heart's content? Read More »

The Power of the Pickle

A spoonful of pickle, as they say, makes life go down easy. Read More »

Book Review: Not On The Level by Michael V. Maddaloni

Things are not what they seem or should be, and decidedly not on the level in this engrossing coming-of-age story of a first-generation Italian-American. Read More »

Falling On The Tummy Is Serious Business

Watching child development: It took her a couple of weeks to figure out that the top part of her body needed to move too. Read More »

Entrepreneurship: Alive and Kicking in Bangalore

I wouldn't be surprised if the number of entrepreneurs per thousand in India is the largest in the world. Read More »