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Indian-Headquartered Offshore Service Players and Their Edge

They have caused a fundamental and structural change in the service provider/client relationship. Read More »

Book Review: Small Is The New Big by Seth Godin

Seth Godin, in his inimitable style, writes on the new drivers for entrepreneurial success. Read More »

A Sensible Strategy: The Mighty Google and Tiny Acquisitions

The company has not taken (so far), the "throw money and grab that share/space" approach. Read More »

Tier 1 Indian-Headquartered Offshore Players : Getting Stronger Every Day

Indian players are getting stronger and stronger - gaining more and more competence and scaling up aggressively. Read More »

Unsustainable Web 2.0 Momentum – Look For Realistic Options

...good companies with robust business models will always get funded; cool websites with presentable fonts are not necessarily the ones with good business models. Read More »

Microsoft Vista: Delayed Again

Despite delays in the past Microsoft has always been recognised for its unmatchabed capability to churn out large doses of software. Read More »

Sensible Perspectives from Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer

He points to lack of innovation in the open source world and highlights the need to accommodate different points of view in technology decision-making. Read More »

R&D Expenditure and Innovation: Bang For The Buck

Even while Apple's revenue has skyrocketed in recent years what the company has spent on R&D has risen only modestly. Read More »

The Changing Nature Of Web Services Inside Enterprises

Delivering web services with old mechanisms like XML and REST may dilute the value delivered to business and needs immediate correction. Read More »

Technology and Business Profitability

IT today consumes more than half of the capital investments around the world and software alone consumes more than ten percent of global capital investments. The investment pattern seems to be on the rise, a phenomenon that drives different people in different directions. Obviously, the rigor that goes into traditional investments would begin to get applied in future IT-related investments. ... Read More »