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10 most embarrassing albums in my CD-collection

After all I now belong to “A sinister cabal of superior bloggers”, so I guess it’s about time to show that I have mean side too? As per today (14 March 2005) my CD-collection contains 971 Albums. The few albums aside that my wife brought into our marriage and the few ones I’ve received as gifts, all of them have ... Read More »

Soundtrack to a positive life

The other day I looked at my top songs and artists at audioscrobbler and realized that there weren’t that many songs or artists included that would make me laugh or even smile. So I decided that I should make a CD or at least a playlist (in my Media Player) that I could call “Soundtrack to a positive life”. The ... Read More »

CD Review: The Radio Dept. – Lesser Matters

The debut album by this Swedish band, Radio Dept. is surprisingly brilliant. Maybe not the most original band in the world (hello 1980s?), but they sure know how to write great music! However it’s not your music for a romantic evening at home, because the inspiration comes from some of the noisier bands from 20 years ago, though they aren’t ... Read More »