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American Idol: It’s Ladies’ Night . . .

Oh yes it’s ladies night And the feeling’s right Oh yes it’s ladies night Oh what a night (oh what a night) (*Repeat) Oh, wait. That was Kool and The Gang. Or the Atomic Kittens. Or Barry Manilow, whatever. Anyway, was it really Ryan Seacrest who came out and opened American Idol Season Five by intoning, “Ladies First?” Never mind. ... Read More »

American Idol: Clay Aiken and The “Useless Celebrity” Mode

Clay Aiken, beloved by millions, is almost as famous with his fans for his bon mots as for his singing. One of the pearls of wisdom to come out of Mr. Aiken’s mouth was something along the lines of: whatever the vicissitudes of life after American Idol, he was dead-set against becoming just another “useless celebrity.” As we ponder what ... Read More »

American Idol: Kelly Clarkson Takes A Swing—And Gets Smacked Down?

In other news proving, once again, that They are not like Us, Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden, brother of Good Charlotte frontman, Joel Madden (and, so far as I can tell, no relation to John Madden), ragged on the lovable Kelly Clarkson for—and I quote—“dissing” Hilary Duff, who happens to be Joel Madden’s girlfriend. Apparently, the lovable Kelly Clarkson, no ... Read More »

American Idol: Simon Cowell: You Oughta Be In Pictures?

I last wrote about American Idol as the (not so little) engine that could [here]. While critics while away their days bashing AI as the root cause of everything that’s cheap, vulgar and boring in pop culture, The Phenom chugs past their windows without catching even a glance. This week American Idol proved its mettle—not to mention its staying power—in ... Read More »

American Idol: Clay Aiken and The Mystery of Credible Pop Radio

photo by RCA Records Monday night found me sitting in a tropical downpour at the fabled Wolf-Trap National Park for the Performing Arts in Vienna, Virginia. The occasion? One Mr. Clay Aiken and his Jukebox Tour. Having only been able to score lawn tix the traditional way, the day of the show I rang up the friendly dude at the ... Read More »

American Idol: Carrie Underwood Fills Some Big Shoes

Carrie Underwood—yes, the first country artist in Billboard chart history to bow at number one on the Hot 100 chart (“Inside Your Heaven”) and the recipient of the continued praise of fellow country warbler, Rascal Flatts frontman, Gary LeVox— followed in the footsteps of many an American Idol finalist this week—except that she was wearing Skechers. Which, by the way, ... Read More »

American Idol: Bo Bice and The Mystery of Credible Rock Radio

My evil twin is attempting to get me to write about Paula Abdul and her tirade against nail salons, which I’m not saying was undeserved. And, believe me, as you know by now, I am an individual well aware of the snark potential in that storyline (talk about low-hanging fruit just ripe for the pickin’). Nevertheless, even I draw the ... Read More »