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Non-Destructive Partitioning with GParted

If repartitioning your hard drive is something you only do once in rare while free tools may be a better option. Read More »

Book Review: Saban and the Ancient by Dante Amodeo

The first book in a series about teenagers with superpowers in a secret organization. Read More »

Book Review: Fast Forward 1 edited by Lou Anders

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Linux Truths, Half-Truths, and Myths

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Software Review: Democracy Player

Find, download, organize, and watch internet videos from one easy application. Read More »

Website Review: In Pictures

Tutorials for Open Office, Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and HTML & CSS. Read More »

Make a Movie of Your Linux Desktop

Capture all the action on your desktop to video and share it with others. Read More »

Making DVDs with DeVeDe in Linux

Make DVDs quickly and easily with DeVeDe. Read More »

Book Review: O’Reilly’s Backup & Recovery

An excellent reference for anyone needing to back up their data. Read More »

Desktop War: KDE vs. Gnome

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