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Movie Review: Match Point

Woody Allen's newest film, Match Point, is quite possibly his most successful "serious" film to date. Read More »

DVD Review: New York Stories

Having watched it, I am comfortable in saying this movie should never have been made. Read More »

Movie Review: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

In some ways the movie is formulaic - but it's also incredibly subversive. Read More »

Review: Reservoir Dogs

Last night, for the first time in a good long while, I watched Reservoir Dogs. Like most movies I really like, I’d begun to take for granted that it was a great movie and no longer gave any thought to what made it so. Seeing it again (for the first time), I realized that, other than a weirdly sloppy deep-focus ... Read More »

Review: Nashville

If it’s Robert Altman’s trademark to direct large, ensemble-cast films, then Nashville is his flagship production. There are twenty-four significant speaking parts in the film, many of them played by high profile actors. The truly amazing thing, however, is that none of them ever really holds center stage for more than a moment or two; the spotlight consistently returns to ... Read More »