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DVD Review: Arang and The Ghost

Dual doses of derivative dross now on DVD. Read More »

Movie Review: Black Christmas

Stabbed with a candy cane? That's just trying too hard. Read More »

Movie Review: Bloody Reunion

I got it bad, so bad... I'm splat for teacher! Read More »

Movie Review: The Host

A family bonds while a huge fish-thing swallows people whole. Awesome. Read More »

Movie Review: A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

Saints and sinners in Queens. Read More »

Movie Review: Rude Boy

A fantastic concert film periodically interrupted/ruined by neorealist drudgery. Read More »

Music Review: Youth Group – Casino Twilight Dogs

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The Best Films of 2006 (Version One)

Summing up the past year before it gets too late to do so. Read More »

Movie Review: Sheitan

Dancin' with the Devil in the French moonlight. Read More »

Music Review: East West Blast Test – Popular Music for Unpopular People

Cross-country grind/spazz rock with a screwball twist. Read More »