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Who’s Gonna Clean the Dirty Birds’ House?

Really though, who in their right mind would want to coach the Atlanta Falcons? Read More »

NCAA Football Playoffs In 2011?

Even if a playoff system were agreed to, it would still take years to see it on the field. Read More »

Bowl Season Recap: Worst Losses of the Season

From failed comebacks (UCLA, Florida) to failed games (Arkansas, Oklahoma), there was a different brand of mourning for each terrible loss. Read More »

Dear Giants: For The Love of the Wild Card, Please Give Up

Several reasons why the Giants should sit their significant playmakers and let the Patriots perfect the regular season. Read More »

What Do The Mitchell Report, The Patriots And The Mountaineers Have In Common?

They're all ubiquitous in ESPN coverage over the past week, and annoying me to distraction. Read More »

Good Job, Steve Kragthorpe

Or, how I tried to hate Louisville football and failed miserably upon realization of good coaching. Read More »

Stop the NCAA Coaching Carousel

Dishonesty, disloyalty, and disappointment follow the coaching carousel, which prematurely sucks good coaches out of teams that could be great. Read More »

The Ultimate College Football Road Trip

A hypothetical week-by-week breakdown of how you can see the best everything of college football in one season. Read More »

The Leap, or How Being a Navy Fan is Finally Worth It

Navy's victory over Notre Dame was sweet, but even more so after a lifetime of waiting for it. Read More »

A College Football Playoff Proposal

Here's a playoff system that doesn't lose anyone money or prestige, yet picks a real college football champion. Read More »