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It’s not easy being brown

Ok, so, I’m brown. I’m not white. I’m not black. I’m not yellow or red. I’m brown, or as I prefer to be called, one of the “Mud People.” Specifically, my brown people come from Puerto Rico, a small Caribbean island about 1000 miles off the coast of Miami that was acquired by the United States at the end of ... Read More »

I Don’t Believe In Ghosts… But I’m Scared Of Them

When I was 18 I was attacked by a ghost. Man… That last line was so big that I don’t even know what to write after it. It’s too huge. But it’s true. It’s a simple story, almost too simple, but I guess that’s why life is different from movies; things are a lot more “cause and effect” in the ... Read More »


Oprah and Dr. Phil are allowed to rampage over America like fuckin’ Godzilla and Godzuki, wreaking emotional havoc and sucking in a LOT of money. Read More »