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Suspected Weapon Will Only Give You Gas…

It was thirty inches long and it was slipped into the middle school wrapped inside tin foil and a white t-shirt under the arm of an eighth grade student who had something to prove. He wanted a good grade in one of his classes and he felt this was the way to get it. But that morning someone saw him ... Read More »

COMPLICATE – A Favorite Pasttime E

Complicate ... the standard course of action for most human beings ... WHY? Read More »

WARNING … Innocent Patio Furniture was Harmed in the Making of This Post

Road Rage, Television, and Apartment Building ... this is real life, right? Read More »

At Least They Can Be Called Creative

Police Raid Club Over Nude ‘Art Night’ Okay, I thought twice this morning before writing about this story…being a woman and not exactly liking the whole idea of strip clubs I didn’t want to delve into this subject. But the more I thought about it the more I realized that I just had to comment. So there is this strip ... Read More »

Calling All Artists: You Too Can Display Your Work At The Met

Artists everywhere want to have their work displayed in a grand scale. Here's one way to do it. Read More »